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Biographie Borst, Dieter

Bei seit 28.05.2015
Realname Dieter Borst

Curriculum vitae 1969 Study at the american school of art in Munich 1972 Half year study trip to Westafrica 1973 Start of graphic works 1997 Move to Gran Canaria 2007 Totally loss of his atelier by a big Island fire catastrophe on Gran Canaria Hundreds of paintings of all phases of his working life have been destroyed irretrievable. International exhibit among others in: New York/USA, Fort Lauderdale/Miami/USA, Köln/Germany, Wien/Austria, Gran Canaria/Spain, Bergen/Norway, Basel/Swiss Paintings in official possession: City of Freudenstadt – Kurhaus Citi of Vienna Dieter Borst reduces the „seen“, the „experienced“ and the „lived“ to a minimum. Disturbing attachments, which could divert of the essential point, has been omitted. Earthy and pastel shades are dominating his paintings, beside of the black color. Bodies are broken up by him. These elements, stripped down to their basic forms, will be recompiled for looking at them as an abstracting memory of appearances in nature. Even lines, apparently arranged, will be interrupted by energetically elements and color fields, which are resolving the harmony of these lines and at the same time bundle them up powerful. Elements, which are repeated often, are the lines which are going out of the frame, defining themselves as energy.


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